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Learning to Embrace the Process

Have you ever found yourself disappointed with a perfectly productive week simply because you didn’t cross off every item on your never-ending to-do list? Or maybe you lost 6 pounds as a result of completing the Whole30, only to be disappointed because you had a goal of losing 10.  Or perhaps you abandoned your gym routine because you committed to getting in 5 weekly sweat sessions but you only found yourself showing up 3 times a week. Maybe your scenario is slightly different, but I think we have all been in a similar situation. 

Have you ever wondered why we are disappointed? After all, we were productive, we did lose weight, and we were showing up to the gym.  I mean, aren’t these all really great things? Of course they are! So, what is the deal?

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Holiday Mindset: How to Get Out of Your Head and be Present With the People and Food You Love Most

The holidays can be hard. The stress of family gatherings, impressing people with the food we make and the gifts we bring, jumping from one party to the next, over exercising to counteract our indulgences or not exercising at all because the stress is too exhausting. But what if I told you that there are simple things we can practice to try and counteract the stress of things during the holidays that we can’t control. 

Both my husband and I come from divorced families, so for the past four years we have walked into the holidays expecting laughter and enjoying good food, but walked away so exhausted because of the stress of trying to please everyone we love and not taking care of our bodies in the process. While trying to people please, I used to always over think my meal choice and how much I could exercise to finally enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie that I love or some extra cranberry sauce. Some of you might be thinking, “girl you’re crazy, I definitely let myself indulge during the holidays with no remorse,” if that is you, rock on and keep it up, but I know that many of you can relate with me here.

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